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Welcome!  I’m Kelley, I love food and I have a TON of food allergies (…and other allergies).  Unfortunately these allergies keep getting worse which is what inspired me to start Champagne & Frites.

I’ve suffered from food allergies since birth, but in 2012, after a year of painful bloating and reactions, I subjected myself to a skin test against the advice of my childhood doctor.  Fast forward two months and 186437 tests later and the cause was discovered:  yeast (and all other molds and fungi).  While this technically is not a food allergy, you’d be shocked to discover just how many foods it encompasses.

Fast forward again, this time to 2016 and another skin test, and yet more allergens have been added to the list.  All in all, my total food allergy list consists of:

  • yeast, all molds and fungi including mushrooms and truffle
  • shellfish
  • peanuts
  • avocado
  • melon fruit
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • soy

Finding recipes that avoid all of my allergens is not always easy.  Many of the recipes I find really aren’t very tasty either.

Going to restaurants can be a nightmare.  I’ve run into waiters who make you feel embarrassed to list your allergens and chefs who don’t want to alter their dishes, accidentally include an allergen in the rush of the kitchen or are so cautious you end up with a $32 plate of unseasoned chicken with steamed vegetables on the side.  That said, I’ve also gone to restaurants where custom made, unbelievably delicious dishes are prepared without a moments hesitation…but that’s far from common.

My goal is to help you avoid these issues with delicious and safe recipes, reviews of restaurants I’ve visited and information on food allergens and the allergy community.

Please note that I am not a doctor and my recommendations are based solely on personal experience.  I’m more than happy to answer questions, though, so don’t hesitate to reach out via comments or email: champagneandfrites@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by and bon appétit!

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